Silver Quarter Ring
silver 1964 quarter dollar coin ring
silver 1964 washington quarter coin rings
silver 1964 washington quarter coin rings

1964 90% Silver Quarter Coin Ring

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1964 Washington Quarter Coin Ring. 1964 was the last year that quarters were made in 90% silver for regular circulation. These rings are handmade using actual quarters!

The shank (width of the ring) measures approx. 6 to 7mm. Because of the high silver content these will not irritate your skin. These rings make wonderful gifts!

NOTE ON SILVER RINGS: We don't always have all of the silver coins in stock, please send us a message before ordering unless you are fine with a longer wait time. Sometimes we have to order the coin for the ring. These are completely handmade, no two rings are exactly alike nor are they perfect.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!