90% silver inside out state coin bracelet
90% silver state coin bracelet
inside out silver state coin bracelet

90% Silver State Quarter Inside Out Coin Bracelet - Wholesale

Regular price $ 20.00

90% Silver State Inside Out Coin Bracelet. These bracelets are made using actual coins that have been turned inside out! These are made with 90% silver quarters, because of the high silver content these will not irritate skin. These bracelets make great gifts and souvenirs!

Suggested Retail Price $40-50**


*Wholesale orders under $300 are subject to a shipping fee which will be sent in a separate invoice. See full terms here

**1999 States wholesale for $5 more and retail for $10 more, this is due to the cost of the coins being higher. 1999 States are: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.