grand canyon silver national park coin ring
grand canyon national park coin ring
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Grand Canyon 90% Silver National Park Coin Ring

Grand Canyon 90% Silver National Park Coin Ring

Regular price $ 38.00

90% Silver Grand Canyon National Park Coin Ring. These rings are handmade to order using actual United States silver proof quarters! Because of the high silver content these will not irritate your skin. These rings make unique keepsakes and souvenirs, rep your favorite park!

The shank (width of the ring) measures approx. 6 to 7mm.

There will be more to come as they release more National Park quarters!

NOTE: These are completely handmade, no two rings are exactly alike nor are they perfect. Antique finish is on the surface of the ring and will wear away with time. Punch out is only included if you add it to your purchase.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!