northern mariana islands quarter coin ring
northern mariana islands coin ring
northern mariana island coin rings
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Northern Mariana Islands Coin Ring

Northern Mariana Islands Coin Ring

Regular price $ 24.00

Northern Mariana Islands Quarter Coin Ring. These rings are handmade to order using actual United States quarters! The shank (width) of these rings measure approx. 6 to 7mm. These state quarter coin rings are great for gifts or souvenirs or just to rep your favorite state!

All other states and territories are available HERE!

Have sensitive skin? State quarter rings are also available in 90% Silver HERE!

NOTE: These are handmade from circulated coins, therefore the coins will have some wear including scratches. No two rings are exactly alike nor are they perfect. Punch out is not included unless you add it to your purchase.

Our regular coin rings are made from copper/nickel clad quarters. If you have sensitive skin we highly suggest ordering your ring in 90% silver or add clear powder coat to your ring. Antique finish is on the surface of the ring and will wear away with time.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!