A little look into what Midnight Jo is about

Oh hey there! I have never made a blog post before so I thought I would make my first one and share a little bit about what Midnight Jo is about...

Midnight Jo name plateWhat’s in a name?

Okay you might be wondering, your name is Jamey but your company is Jo, why is that?

Midnight Jo is a name that my dad came up with years ago, back when I was selling hand sewn and silk screened items. "Midnight" comes from my life long night owl-ness. And "Jo" is my middle name. For the record, I also answer to the name Jo 😆

midnight jo flatware shopping at brass armadilloIt’s made out of what?

Upcycling is our JAM! At Midnight Jo we love repurposing everyday items into jewels. All of our jewelry is handmade using actual coins, flatware or other finds. We are all about creating clever, quirky conversation pieces that make you do a double take.

silver state quarter rings by midnight joJewelry that tells a story

We have a deep appreciation for pieces that have history behind them. Our pieces are more than jewelry. They tell a story, remind you of a special trip or a special place and time in your life.


Check back often for new posts, from how our jewelry is made, how to style your jewelry, coin and spoon nerding it up, inspirational posts, recipes (yep, I like to cook sometimes) and so much more!

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