Jewelry Care

Silver Coin and Spoon Jewelry

Our silver coin jewelry is handmade using actual silver proof coins, depending on the year, the piece may be 90% silver or fine silver (99.9%). The higher the silver content the softer the metal will be and it will be more prone to wear. Our silver spoon jewelry is made using authentic vintage or antique flatware (whether it is sterling silver or silver plate). Silver plated pieces generally have a fairly thick coating of silver on the outer surface, but this surface may wear away with very heavy wear.

Silver is a soft metal and it is natural for silver jewelry to wear with use. There are however precautions you can take to make the details stay sharper longer. The most important advice we can give to preserve detail is DO NOT FIDGET your ring! Secondly remove your jewelry when washing your hands, showering, doing dishes or manual labor. It is also important to avoid sulfur containing products or food (ie. eggs) as sulfur speeds up the natural tarnishing process of silver and may discolor your piece. The antique finish that we add to our silver jewelry is a controlled tarnish. If you are sensitive to sulfur/sulfites/sulfates this finish may cause skin discoloration. This tarnish/finish is on the outer surface of the metal and may wear away with regular wear. It is advisable to avoid hand sanitizer and other chemicals as this may accelerate the antique finish wearing away. Lastly if the antique finish does wear away we recommend lightly polishing it with a jewelry or silver polishing cloth for a classic polished look. When you are not wearing your jewelry, storing it in an airtight container or ziplock will help prevent discoloration and tarnishing. If you want to go the extra mile you can purchase anti tarnish tabs to add to your jewelry storage. These precautions will make the antique finish and fine details remain much longer on your jewelry! 


Copper/nickel Coin Jewelry

Much of our coin jewelry is made out of everyday coins you would find in your change! These coins are made out of copper/nickel clad coins. Both copper and nickel can cause skin discoloration. We do offer powder coating as an option to both protect your skin and the finish on the ring. This can be added to your order here (this will need to be purchased for each piece you would like protected): That said, this is not a permanent finish and can wear away with use. Another option is to coat the inside of your pieces with clear enamel nail polish. Antique finish is on the surface of these coins and will wear away with use, if it does wear away you can polish your piece with a jewelry or silver polishing cloth.


Stainless Steel Jewelry

All of our stainless steel spoon jewelry is made using authentic vintage flatware. Stainless steel flatware varies greatly in grades and many of the cool 1960’s & 70’s patterns are made with a lower grade stainless that can rust. We recommend removing your jewelry when washing your hands, showering, doing dishes or manual labor. And when it does get wet just make sure to dry it off. When storing, store it in a dry place. If your piece does rust you can clean it gently with baking soda and water. If it has a polished finish you can polish it using a jewelry or silver polishing cloth. If it has a matte finish you can lightly sand it with a manicure block.