90% Silver 1992-2018 Half Dollar Rings by midnight jo
silver kennedy half dollar coin rings by midnight jo
silver liberty coin rings by midnight jo
jfk half dollar rings by midnight jo
silver half dollar rings by midnight jo
2019 kennedy half dollar coin ring by midnight jo
2019 kennedy half dollar coin ring by midnight jo

90% Silver 1992-2019 Kennedy Half Dollar Ring

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90% Silver 1992-2019* Kennedy Half Dollar Ring. These half dollar coin rings are handmade to order using actual United States silver proof half dollars. Because of the high silver content of these coins these rings will not irritate your skin. The shank (width of the ring) of these rings measures approx. 10mm. These rings make a unique statement and they are sure to start a conversation. The perfect gift or wedding ring for your coin collector!

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More information about the Kennedy Half Dollar: The Kennedy half dollar was first minted in 1964 as a memorial to President John F Kennedy. From 1992-present these half dollars are available as silver proofs. The obverse of these coins feature the profile of JFK the word "Liberty", "In God We Trust" and the minting date. The reverse features the Presidential Seal and the words "United States of America", "E Pluribus Unum" and "Half Dollar".

*The 2019 silver half dollars are 99.9% silver, this makes them softer than the 90% silver which finishes slightly different and is prone to wearing faster.


NOTE: These are completely handmade, no two rings are exactly alike nor are they perfect. Antique finish is on the surface of the ring and will wear away with time, when it is worn away you can polish your ring with a regular jewelry polishing cloth for a classic polished look. Punch out is only included if you add it to your purchase.


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