90% Silver State Coin Climber Earrings by midnight jo
state quarter climber earrings by midnight jo
silver state coin crawler earrings by midnight jo
silver state coin climbing earrings by midnight jo
Silver state quarter coin earrings by midnight jo
90% Silver State Quarter Climber Earrings
silver coin finishes by midnight jo
90% Silver State Quarter Climber Earrings
silver colorado proof coin punched out by midnight jo
state quarters
state quarters

90% Silver State Quarter Climber Earrings

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90% Silver State Quarter Climber Earrings. These earrings are handmade using actual United States 90% silver proof quarters. The left earring has the State name and the right earring has "United States of America". They are soldered with sterling silver earwires. Because of the high silver content of these coins these earrings will never irritate your skin. These earrings measure approx. 1 3/8". These earrings make great travel souvenirs, going away gifts or just a unique conversation starter. Carry a piece of your favorite state with you everywhere you go with these truly unique earrings!

To create these coin climber earrings we punch the center out of a silver state quarter and then form the outer piece into a pair of earrings. We are left with the center punch out of the coin which still contains details unique to that quarter design. These center punch outs measure 17mm and will always be the center 17mm of that State quarter. We love using the whole coin and have created add on items to accompany these earrings.

Climber Earring & Punch Out Jewelry Sets:

Climber Earrings & Necklace Set 

Climber Earrings & Stacking Ring Set

Climber Earrings & Charm Bracelet Set

More information about the State quarters: State quarters were produced from 1999-2008, with 5 States produced per year. Each State features a unique design on the reverse (tails) of the quarters, while the obverse design features George Washington and the words “United States of America,” “Quarter Dollar,” “Liberty,” and “In God We Trust”.

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NOTE: These are completely handmade, no two items are exactly alike nor are they perfect. Antique finish is on the surface of the coin and will wear away with time, when it is worn away you can polish your ring with a regular jewelry polishing cloth for a classic polished look. Punch out items are only included if you add them to your purchase.

*Soldered items are only produced once a week to ship out on Fridays


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