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Year Coin Ring Add On Punch Out Necklace

Year Coin Ring Add On Punch Out Necklace

Regular price $ 8.00

Add a necklace pendant made with the punched out center of your year quarter ring! (1965-1998 excluding 1975).

The pendant measures approx. 11mm in diameter and is made with the piece that is punched out of the quarter to make the ring. On these year quarters the pendant will be made with the eagle side up or in the case of 1976 the drummer boy up (meaning the obverse of Washington's head will be upside down) unless otherwise specified. Included with your pendant is a ball chain.

This listing only includes the pendant and ball chain, no ring is included in this listing. The necklace will be made in the same finish as your ring. Polished sets will come with a stainless steel chain and antiqued sets will come with gunmetal chain.


NOTE: These are handmade from circulated coins, therefore the coins will have some wear including scratches. No two items are exactly alike nor are they perfect.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!